Sketching Bundle

Sketching Bundle

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This bundle deal contains all you need to teach students to become great sketchers!

The DXF files for the MicroDot® and DTDOT® are fantastic tools to help students get started at 3D isometric projection.  Children grow up playing with 'dot-2-dot' books when they first start learning to draw.  These stencils build upon the hardwired knowledge they alread have.  Simply use the stencil to build up a crate of dots, then join them up to start forming freehand isometric shapes.


The next part of the bundle contain everything to start teaching students how to apply markers to 2D shapes, so they are rendered to look 3D.

The file contains a DXF file to cut a 2D form template and SLT files to 3D print the 3D versions of the shapes they are rendering.  The stencil is for student use, the 3D shapes are the perfect teaching aid to show how the shadows fall on the shapes and therefore where to apply the marker.  There is a PowerPoint included to show all that is needed too.

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