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Marker Rendering - The basic Principles - beginners guide

Marker Rendering - The basic Principles - beginners guide

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Marker Rendering is fun, it makes people look at your designs and communicates ideas and product form like no other.

My favourite books that have taught me to sketch are written by Koos Eissen and Roseline Steur.  Just recently I had the great pleasure of spending a morning sketching with Roseline whilst she discussed some of the key principles for marker rendering that should be included within this course.

What's included with this course box:

A selection of modular 3D printed parts that I have designed to fit together to make different 3D forms

SLT files for the 3D prints so you can print your own class sets (emailed)

An acrylic stencil that will be used to quickly produce 2D sketches of the basic shapes we'll render

The DXF file for the stencil so you can laser cut your own class sets (emailed)

A selection of markers (greys, colours in different tones and black)

Full Marker paper pad

Posca white pen for precise highlights

White permanent felt pen for larger highlights

Koh-I-Noor Black charcoal pencil for darkening shaded areas

Koh-I-Noor White charcoal pencil for reflections

PowerPoint to use in lesson when teaching students to render

As well as covering the basic principles of marker rendering, we'll also apply this to 3D objects.


This course could well be the most exciting offering from DTResources this year, it is more expensive than others due to the profession collection of resources within the box.  

Due to the resources needed for this course, the numbers are limited.  This course will run again in the next academic year before Christmas.

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