Maderia HC12 (High Conductive thread)

Maderia HC12 (High Conductive thread)

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After testing samples from all known UK suppliers of conductive thread, we have chosen to provide Maderia's HC12 thread at the lowest UK price.

In tests it frayed the least, had the lowest resistance and was the most user friendly with students.

HC12 is skin friendly, comfortable, biocompatible, washable and therefore ideal for Smart Textile applications.

Amongst all metals, silver offers the highest electrical and thermal conductivity. In addition, it has antibacterial and antistatic properties and has a dtex of 610.
Applications include:

• Lighting / LEDs
• Textile based sensors and actuators
• Flexible circuit paths
• Fashion innovation

The thread is well suited to a 100/16 needle or embroidery needle, size 2.

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