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Lighting Course 1st May 2024 - 7pm - 8.30pm via MS Teams

Lighting Course 1st May 2024 - 7pm - 8.30pm via MS Teams

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I am so excited by the content of this course, it's been a long time coming and is now available to book!

This course will be action packed and fast paced, but will leave you buzzing with ideas to develop your own way of delivering the content.

Lighting projects have been popular in D&T departments for years, students like them, they are made with pride and are always taken home.  From a teachers' point of view, there is also a lot of learning that can take place with the design and manufacture of a lamp.  We'll cover more on this during the session so you are clear what students can learn from making a lamp.

In the box you'll get every you need to make a fully working lamp, samples of many materials that you can also use to develop an exciting unit of work back at your own school.  I'll cover lots of different manufacturing methods you can use to help students make exciting pieces of work.  

I'll cover how to prepare some of the components so you know how to insulate LEDs, fit switches and use heatsinks.

You do not need a soldering iron for the course, the intention is to watch me on Teams, and then use the recording back in your own setting to view again whilst you go through what we cover.

Also within the kit you'll get enough USB cables to go with:

  • LED Strip 
  • LED Card 
  • Flashing RGB LEDs, wires, a switch, a resistor 
  • 1W LED Star light, heatsink and Power resistor
  • A flashing candle LED
  • LED Tube
  • 3D Printed parts to inspire lamp design

We'll go through how to use resin (samples included for you to make) in test tubes with LEDs, how to use Acrylic Benders to drape form and bend quickly to form lamp shades.  There will be enough content to inspire you to plan some really exciting lessons for all year groups.

As always, PO are welcome from UK schools.


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