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Heated brass insert tool starter kit

Heated brass insert tool starter kit

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Heated brass inserts are ideal if you'd like to take your 3D printed products to the 'next level'. Create multi-part products that are held together with embedded threaded brass inserts.

This is often done by using a soldering iron, but often the soldering iron is too hot and the heated brass insert will continue to deform your 3d print as it is far hotter than the melting point of PLA.

These brass insert tools allow a temperature of 200 degrees to be set so that the insert can be placed inside the print slowly and without risk of warping or deforming the print.

Included within the kit:

  • Brass insert tool
  • Heating tool adapter
  • M2 - M8 insert attachments
  • Soldering iron bit
  • 4x M3 brass inserts and nuts to get you started
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