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DXF File for The DTDOT®

DXF File for The DTDOT®

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This is the best value way to get the DTDOT® stencil to your pupils.  Simple use the DXF file to cut your own!

Your stencil will be exactly the same as the ones in the YouTube video; your pupils can be given their own to use for homework and even whole year groups could learn to draw in no time at all.

Thousands of these stencils have been sold since production began, they a have been a feature of 'Designing' magazine from DATA, they are used on DATA designing courses and have been shipped worldwide due to a Kickstarter campaign in 2018.

The stencil can be used with the popular (and free) drawing course #SLAP (AKA Sketch like a Pro and works alongside the YouTube videos from the DTResources YouTube channel.

  • The DTDOT® is fantastic for personal and educational use.
  • Amazing for cover work as there are free worksheets to print out, and YouTube videos to match each QR coded worksheet.

The DXF file will be emailed automatically after payment.

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