Class pack of 25 Microdot® Isometric stencils

  • £50.00

This class pack contains 25 Microdot® isometric stencils and an A4 case to store them in.  The case can also be used to hold the worksheets that are free to download.

Each stencil can be used along side a YouTube video, each video has a matching worksheet that has the YouTube link on and a QR code for easy scanning.

The stencils are prefect for not only class work and homework (buying a stencil for your KS4 classes will help no end with their drawing skills!), but have been extensively used for hassle free cover work.

Added bonus*

Each month I will do a prize draw, the winner will get a personalised YouTube video made for their class!

I will mention the name of the teacher, school, class name and anything else you ask.  Winners will be contacted via email to find out about the content of the video. 

*If you win, and the video is simply not 'your thing', no problem, I'll just draw again :-)