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Bluetooth Thermal Printer + free paper and sticker roll

Bluetooth Thermal Printer + free paper and sticker roll

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This printer works wirelessly via Bluetooth from any smart phone or iPad via the app.

Please download the instructions from the download section of the website if buying via a PO. If you buy online, you'll get an automated link sent to your inbox.

The printer never needs ink - as the image and text is printed using thermal technology.

The printer can be moved round the classroom (and even outside) once the printer is charged via the USB cable (included).

The printer is almost silent and prints pictures in around 10 seconds.

The app also has built in templates to print out short notes, 'things to do' lists or can even be used to print out feedback stickers to speed up the process of providing feedback to students.

The printer has a resolution of 300dpi, whilst this is considered low, it is perfect to show evidence, at speed, for students to record work that they need credit for.

The uses are endless, the more you use this printer, the more you'll think of ways to save time.

Product size: 80x80x40mm

Full instructions are emailed as a downloadable link.

The pictures are approximately 70mm x 50mm depending on the shot you take and are black and white/low resolution.

Whilst these printers can be used for any subject, they are perfectly suited for Design & Technology NEA workFast, usable, low resolution images are perfect to evidence model making as part of the design process.  Students can have a photo for their NEA work in around 10 seconds! 

Please look at all the product photo/videos to see the image quality and how the photos can be used.

Issues the Thermal Printer will solve

  • Due to the speed the pictures are printed, a teacher can snap away using their phone or iPad directly from the app
  • Pictures no longer need to be emailed
  • WiFi is not needed as the device is connected via Bluetooth
  • Students do not need to line up at a printer
  • Students do not need to use their phones or use their own data to send images
  • You never need to buy ink
  • Pictures take seconds to print so there is little waiting time
  • Changing the paper roll takes around 5 seconds
  • The photos are printed on stickers so no glue sticks are needed
  • If using the thermal printer stickers from DTResources, then the cost of a photo is less than 5p
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