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3D Marker Rendering Forms - STL Files

3D Marker Rendering Forms - STL Files

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This is a downloadable file of STL Files for 3D Printing

This file will enable you to 3D print a selection of 3D Forms for use when teaching marker rendering.

This product works well with the DXF File for laser cutting a matching stencil.

When students are learning where to apply markers, it is always best to start with the basic 2D shapes.

Learn to render these before moving on to 3D products.

Once students have sketched out the 2D shape on paper, they can see how the light falls on the 3D shape they are learning to render.

Simply download the file and 3D print, having these 3D shapes really helps students see what they are rendering

A single 40% warm/cool grey marker and marker paper is all you need to get started.  Or use copier paper and a pencil crayons to gain the same learning outcome.

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