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2x 3mm thin plate Acrylic Benders

2x 3mm thin plate Acrylic Benders

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This new product will change the way you shape acrylic for good.  Traditional strip heaters/line benders use huge amounts for power, take a while to heat up and even longer to heat acrylic so it can bend easily.

These are super speedy, they are at full temperature in around 2 minutes and will heat 4mm acrylic in around 20 seconds and rated at just 60W.

The aluminium plate has been oxidised to prevent sticking, the cable length is over 2m and has a red light indicator to let you know the heater is on.

The kit contains:

  • 2 x acrylic bender for tight angles (100x3mm)
  • 2 x heatproof mats
  • 2 x phone holder samples to bend
  • 1 x risk assessment for use in schools
  • Instructions for use
  • Fitted with UK fused plugs that meet British Standards

Check out a demonstration video here:

Click here

*The photos of the acrylic parts simple highlight the how accurate acrylic can be bent.

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