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50 USB Cables and 50 Dancing LED Cards

50 USB Cables and 50 Dancing LED Cards

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Maybe the most exciting duo to bring life to the outcomes your students produce!

50 USB Cables (1m) and 50 Dancing Candle LED cards for the best UK price.

A few years ago, I had one simple goal.  That was to get students designing rather than all making the same outcome.

This simple yet eye catching product will get students excited about DESIGNING.

If you have a similar goal or want to introduce a 'context driven' approach to KS3, this will help.

  1. Provide students with USB cables, Dancing Candle Cards and a USB Power source
  2. Provide some simple context photos (runner at night, table decoration, celebration, dog walking at night, garden party, PoS display, mood lighting, camping etc)
  3. Students mind map possible design opportunity from the context pictures where a light could help
  4. Sketch and model from card
  5. Add the light to the model so it becomes a working model and refine
  6. Develop the idea and make

You have control that the project will work, you know it is 'safe' and good outcomes are possible, students are excited that the work belongs to them as they have designed it.

Context driven design will be achieved and students can be well prepared at KS3 for the exciting challenge of the NEA!


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