The DTDOT ® Class Pack/Drawing Pen/Graphic Marker set (25 DTDOTs ®,25 pens/Markers and wall hanger



This kit is perfect for use with classes who want to make their design work stand out to a professional level.

The kit includes 25 DTDOT ® stencils, a DTDOT ® wall hanger, to keep the stencils all in one place and 25 fine drawing pens* and 25 Graphic Markers* to help make design work stand out.

The DTDOT ® is an Isometric drawing tool with many attractive features to help create the perfect 3D design.

There is a pre-marked isometric pattern on the tool that can be used to create drawing crates of any size by simply adding cubes and rectangles side by side.

There is a selection of ellipse tools that are places in such a way that you can't use the tool the wrong way up.

Some funky look arrows encourage good quality annotation and there is a special arrow to be used when adding a sustainability point to a design.

Finally the sun stencil and glasses help the user identify a light source for their design.

*The brand/colour of pens and markers may change from time to time, but the markers will always be twin tipped, tested and approved by DTResources for quality and ease of use.

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