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Sketching for making - beginners guide 13th March 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Sketching for making - beginners guide 13th March 7.00pm - 8.30pm

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Sketching for making - beginners guide 13th March 7.00pm - 8.30pm - Via MS Teams
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This session going to be based on a unit of work I deliver to Y10, I use it to ensure that when my students design something, they will sketch it in such a way that I know they could make it.

The unit of work is simple; 'design a test tube holder to support a single flower for a restaurant table'.  Whist the practical outcome is simple, it is the sketching methods and presentation techniques that are the true focus here.  

This CPD session is suitable for any teacher that isn't confident with teaching students how to sketch a product they could make.  Student teachers, non-specialists or a teacher who simply wants to see how I teach using some unique methods I have developed over the years.

The session box will include:

  1. The drawing pencils and pens I use to ensure high quality sketches
  2. Two drawing stencils that will change the way you teach students to sketch freehand (yes, you heard it right, stencils for freehand sketching)
  3. A SoW for the unit of work we'll be using for the session, I use this with Y10, but it could be used with any KS3-4 class
  4. Sample resources to help start the designing process; timber based test tube holders, a test tube and design brief page I share with students.

We'll cover:

  • the basics of how to sketch like a designer, 2D, Isometric, different perspectives, exploded views
  • how to present ideas in a logical way line so you can model 'design thinking' to students
  • how to develop ideas that flow and show design development from one idea to the next
  • How to make sure that what is sketched could be made by students
  • I'll also make sure that you have a good set of sample sketches by the end of the session to inspire your own students

The session will be great fun and will give you the confidence to sketch ideas under a visualiser to your classes.

You could run this unit of work in your own school the day after the session (just borrow some test tubes form the science department ;-)

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