Product Design Revision Cards (AQA)



This is a digital download for revision cards for the whole specification; GCSE AQA Product Design.

The download is for 6 sheets of revision cards, 84 in total.

They can either be printed on sticky address labels, the standard 14 labels per sheet, or can be printed to paper/card and cut out.

The revision cards cover paper/card/timber/plastics/composite materials, others could be added upon request.

I have printed the revision cards out for my pupils on address labels, they will then stick them to a ring bound set of blank revision cards (as shown in the photo).  They will then make their own notes based on what the card says.  There are hints and tips on answering questions, some motivational snippets, and direction to look some things up on YouTube.  I am sure that these cards will provide many students with many marks!

Download the file, print many, share with pupils = great success!

This is a digital download and can be downloaded three times from two different IP addresses.  Please download the document and save it to your home/work PC.


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