Product Design Question Cards (AQA GCSE Style)



These GCSE type questions have been made to complement the revision cards that are available from DTresources.

There are 6 sheets of questions that match the revision cards. 

Some questions have multiple parts to them to try and extend the depth of answer that a pupil might give.

There are 84 question cards with over 100 questions, they are ideal for revision lessons or ideal to go along side the revision cards themselves.

There can be up to 45 marks on an exam for knowing some facts, not deep understanding. If a pupils uses these cards with the revision cards I can only see them doing well.

I hope these cards are really helpful to your pupils and I wish them all the best luck with their exam.

This is a digital download and can be downloaded three times from two different IP addresses.  Please download the document and save it to your home/work PC.

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