Product Design AQA 'Snakes', as in 'Snakes 'n' Ladders'



This is a fantastic revision tool for GCSE pupils taking the AQA Product Design Exam.

There are 64 questions on the main area of the game, plus a bonus 12 questions to answer if someone lands on a questions twice.

These single mark questions make such a difference to final grades that pupils get....many of the single questions on the game are similar to the big 8 or 9 mark questions found on the paper too.

I am sure this game will make the last few weeks more fun for pupils whilst challenging them at the same time.

The file that is downloaded is a PDF, it can be printed on A3, laminated and used in lesson, or could be printed as a smaller A4 sheet for pupils to keep in their pocket.

This games works really well with the DTResources revision note cards.  After a pupil has revised using the revision cards, this game can be used to test the pupils.

Good luck.

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