PIC 08 PCB for FLashing LED display



This PCB is suitable for anyone who wants to source their own components to solder in place.

The PCB has been designed to enable 3 pairs of LEDs to flash when either a switch is pressed and/or an LDR covered.

When purchasing this PCB you will need to ensure that you have the following components. 

If you don't have the components or would like to buy a pre-programmed PIC just email and I'll sort out a price for your order.  john@dtresources.co.uk

  1. 3.5mm download socket
  2. 8 pin DIL socket
  3. Picaxe 08M
  4. 10K, 22K, 330R, 0R resistors
  5. LEDs
  6. Battery clip or USB cable
  7. Switch
  8. PTM Switch
  9. LDR


For bulk orders there can be a 14 day wait depending on how many are ordered.

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