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NEA - Development 22nd November 7.00pm - 8.30pm via MS Teams

NEA - Development 22nd November 7.00pm - 8.30pm via MS Teams

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How to get the most marks for 'Ideas and Development'

22nd November 7.00pm -8.30pm via MS Teams

No matter which exam board you deliver to your students, 'Generating Ideas' or 'Development' account for a huge amount of marks.

There is no doubt that photos of models to show the development of a product can help gain marks - there is an option to add the DTResources Thermal Printer to this course with a saving of over 30%

There are many ways to teach students before they embark on the NEA so they are 'trained' to naturally do well.

In this session we'll work through some lesson ideas I've developed over the years that encourage students to generate and develop not only great ideas, but present them in a way that gains high marks.  We'll look at all exam boards so can be sure the session is correct for whichever specification you follow.

We'll produce some pages example pages together and work through some lesson ideas to deliver to students before this process gets 'underway' as part of their assessment.

The pages we develop can be shared with your students so they have high quality examples to inspire them. 

As always with a DTResources course, you'll get a box of resources to use during the session so you can join in from home.

Included in the box:

  • Hard lead pencil
  • Fine drawing pen
  • Think drawing pen
  • Blue drawing Pencil
  • DTResources drawing stencils
  • 3D Printed lamp example
  • USB wire and LED Card
  • Post-its, paper, card template and blue foam
  • An example sheet will be emailed after the course
  • DXF files to cut your own stencils - emailed (worth £40)

 The session is recorded, the video of the session is emailed the day after. The value of the box and files are more than the cost of the CPD session, making the delivery 'free'.

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