Key Stage 3 Assessment Method



I wish I could take full credit for this, but I can't.  It was something that was worked on collaboratively by myself, Elaine Farrell and Kath Pearson.

How to use this resource:

There are 5 pages to it, the Design Brief page is to be printed on its own.  The pupil write the project brief in the top box, and analyses it in the box below.  The pupil then writes a simple specification using the acronym FACE (Function, Aesthetics, Customer and Environment).  There is a fifth box for adding their own point.  The pupil should aim to get 5 marks by finding 5 points to consider from the brief, and then one mark per specification point and reason.  Whilst there is no attainment levels awarded for this work, the marking scheme just helps ensure the pupil produces complete work.

The Design and a Assessment grid are to be printed back to back, as is the Evaluation sheet and Assessment grid.

The Design sheet has 15 marks available (again to simply encourage complete work), the pupils gets a mark for including each specification point within their design, and a mark for annotating that point.  The remaining 5 marks are for presentation and SPag.

The Evaluation side can be used as a starting point for the assessment of Project Evaluation, to gain a higher level you may want to encourage pupils to produce additional sheets.

The empty box is from drawing a design modification or adding a photo depending on how you want to use the sheet.

I know the assessment method talks about Nation Curriculum Levels, but you can change that to any assessment method you wish, as a department, we still consider the wording of the assessment to be a guide on how the pupils make progress within designing, making and evaluating tasks.  We teach the technical knowledge as part of our making lessons.

This is a digital download and can be downloaded three times from two different IP addresses.  Please download the document and save it to your home/work PC.

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