Grade 1 to 9 flight path to show progress over time



No flight path system is perfect, pupils all develop at different rates.

I have produced this flight path based on an educated guess, gut feeling and knowledge of the 'old KS3 levelling system' and conversation tables that show how KS3 levels match up with the new 1-9 scale.

Every pupil will start and end their time in school with an assessment figure attached to their name.  This table is designed to be able to help plot an expected rate of progress depending on the ability of the pupil.

You may change the flight path that I have designed, and may even change it again once you are living with the 1-9 system.

I am sure this file will save you hours of work.

The download is an excel file that can be edited, but not shared freely on social media sites.

This is a digital download and can be downloaded three times from two different IP addresses.  Please download the document and save it to your home/work PC.



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