ColorFabb 3D Printer Filament

Of all the many filaments I've used over the years, ColorFabb offer the widest choice of exciting filaments with the fastest delivery.  I am delighted that DTResources can be linked to such a company, if you read my reviews about various filaments and visit ColorFabb via one of my links, a discount will be added to your order of 10%.

3D Printer Filament Review

PLA Filament 1.75mm Violet Transparent.

I have used this filament to hold a 5V USB LED Strip so that the pink colour can shine!  The filament prints really easily and adheres to the bed of my printer with a fine coat of hair spray.


To buy this particular filament click on this link: HERE

The next filament that I have enjoyed using is the ColorFabb_HT

This is a highly durable filament particularly useful to those who need their models to exhibit excellent durability, toughness and high temperature resistance with a of over 100⁰C. Printed on a heated bed the print didn't warp, but appeared hard with a high gloss finish once it was finished.

 To buy this particular filament click on this link: HERE


NGEN is a new filament that I had not heard of until I ordered some from ColorFabb, if is a filament that exhibits sparkling clarity and gloss and superior toughness. With superior melt strength and dimensional stability, NGEN delivers advanced bridging capabilities to create stronger and more detailed items—with low odor and low emissions.

I have printed part of a desk lamp housing in the photo below, the first part of the print is with ColorFabb's Mint Turquoise PLA. The second part of the print has been done with NGEN in dark blue, NGEN has produced a real glossy finish on the print, even using a fast print setting leaves the face of the print smooth and ridge free.