Adjustable Cupboard Door Stopper

  • £4.50

If ever you have fitted a cupboard to a cabinet, you'll see the value in this door stopper.

The door stoppers are 3D printed in clear PLA, they are low profile at just 5mm thick and have a diameter of just 20mm.  They have a countersunk, offset hole so the door stopper can be fitted and then turned to adjust the distance from the centre of the hole to the outside of the stopper.

I designed these to fit on cupboards and cabinets that I made to stop the door from closing into the cupboard opening.  The cam motion from the offset hole means that they can be adjusted for each door perfectly.

Four door stoppers are provided in each kit, along with fitting screws.


A 2mm pilot hole is recommended when fitting with a distance of 8mm from the cabinet edge.